The space and missile industry presents unique challenges and hazards, like handling volatile propellants and managing the intense forces of a rocket launch. That means that precision, safety, and reliability are necessities. Technology and engineering play a pivotal role in many parts of this industry, as it sees the kind of growth it hasn’t seen since the Space Race of the 1960s.

CoverSix, with extensive experience working in the government, military and security sectors, has a unique understanding of projects (and customers) of this type. Some of the company’s first projects in this arena started by identifying a critical gap in the market for specialized, resilient structures capable of meeting the rigorous demands of space and missile operations. With its focus on blast-resistant technology for high-hazard worksites, its parent company, RedGuard, started CoverSix to focus on the unique needs of the military and government, and now is continuing to expand its expertise as a new sector of private companies and partnerships sets its sites on the skies.

Space missions and missile launches require that every component, especially infrastructure, be designed to ensure safety. That’s where CoverSix has found its niche in the industry, with specialized structures engineered to withstand extreme conditions, including the significant blast pressures and heat generated during a launch. The company’s protective units safeguard lives and protect valuable equipment and technology. 

CoverSix Space And Missile Projects

In these projects, when dealing with space and missile infrastructure, customization is not the exception, but the rule. CoverSix projects have been as unique and specialized as the missions they support. CoverSix has demonstrated its capacity for this type of flexibility by tailoring custom designs to the requirements of each challenge, like one project that required a safe room for the crew to pass through in the moments before launch. This structure was designed as a last-minute refuge, with life-saving protection should any anomalies or problems be detected before ignition.

CoverSix also showcased its versatility in a recent project involving payload and ground vans. The company designed hardened units for this initiative and mounted them to specially manufactured rail cars. The payload and ground vans play an integral part in the mission. They integrate with the rocket before launch and house the communication modules that support the payload and launch systems. In the days leading up to the launch, the payload and ground vans move along the tracks with the rocket from the vertical integration facility to the launch pad. Remaining connected to the rocket, the vans provide critical communication between the payload, rocket, and mission control right up to the moment of launch.

In each of the projects that CoverSix has been involved in, there are considerations that must be met to ensure adherence to the project's specifications. This may include the safety and protection of the team, as well as understanding and engineering for threats of a certain scale. For example, in blast resistance, space and missile projects differ from other projects in that the blast pressure waves expected from these projects will have a different psi level and duration than found in other projects involving blast hazards. It may require a lower psi rating, 5 psi, for example, but the duration may need to be up to 10 seconds. Many blast-resistant building projects are measured in milliseconds and are designed to endure blasts up to 15 psi. 

CoverSix Space And Missile Expertise

At the heart of CoverSix's projects in the space and missile sector is their strategic use of steel and their experience in designing and manufacturing modular buildings. The company’s blast-resistant designs exemplify both durability and flexibility. Steel is employed for its high tensile strength and resilience and its capacity to be engineered into modular units that can be easily transported and quickly assembled. CoverSix's innovative approach combines the time-tested reliability of steel with modern construction techniques, meaning a marriage of functional design with advanced engineering. This boils down to quick scalability and adaptability, ensuring that the infrastructure is as prepared for the future as the missions it supports.

Being constructed of thick steel, CoverSix buildings inherently resist weather and environmental conditions, ensuring steadfast performance. Drawing from the company’s experience in the demanding realms of the oil and gas industry, and some military installations, these structures withstand extreme temperatures, corrosive saltwater, high winds, and abrasive sandstorms. The resilience built into CoverSix buildings mirrors the ruggedness required on oil worksites and in forward operating bases. This robust construction safeguards equipment and maintains the integrity of critical missions.

CoverSix's structures are designed for rapid deployment, enabling swift on-site assembly that is critical for time-sensitive space and missile industry operations. This rapid deployment capability is a game-changer for projects with tight timelines, allowing structures to be transported and operational in a fraction of the time traditional construction would require. The prefabricated modules are assembled as efficiently as possible, minimizing disruption and maximizing operational readiness.

CoverSix is a reliable industry partner when the margin of error is negligible and every second counts. Structures by CoverSix are meticulously designed to support critical operations without fail, even under the most stressful conditions. This precision engineering is essential for mission success, from pre-launch checks to the moment of liftoff and beyond. This reliability has cemented its reputation as an indispensable ally in the space and missile sector.

As we look to the stars and strive for greatness beyond our atmosphere, CoverSix remains committed to innovation, safety, and adaptability, building upon its name as a trusted partner. To learn more about CoverSix's capabilities in space and missile projects, contact us today