As the world evolves, so do the strategies and technologies that power our armed forces. Just as the Biden Administration issued an Executive Order in December 2021, propelling the federal government toward zero-emission vehicle adoption by 2035, the Pentagon, too, has set its sights on a new directive that aligns with its commitment to innovation and sustainability.

By 2035, every non-tactical vehicle within the military's expansive fleet, across all branches, will be converted from gas-powered to electric. This sweeping mandate echoes the resilience and adaptability that define our military as it undertakes the monumental task of integrating electric vehicles (EVs) into its daily operations.

This means that each military installation across the nation now has about a decade to navigate the intricacies of acquiring, charging, and maintaining electric vehicles. From transforming parking spaces into charging hubs to ensuring operational readiness, this transition mirrors the precision our military employs in every mission.

But with progress comes a fresh set of challenges, and the question arises: how can the military embrace these changes while maintaining its agility and readiness? This is where understanding the intricacies of EV charging becomes pivotal.

The era of zero-emission, electric-powered fleets is upon us. CoverSix has a solution to lead the charge!

Exploring Electric Vehicle Charging in Military Operations

Just as our military is multifaceted and adaptable, so are the solutions to charging EVs efficiently and effectively. As you consider the implications of the Pentagon's directive on your own operations, delve into the world of EV charging – from home upgrades to rapid charging solutions that align with your mobility requirements.

The Journey of EV Charging: From Standard to Speed

When it comes to charging an EV, the path is paved with options. From Level 1 charging at a basic wall outlet – akin to charging your laptop – to Level 2 charging with dedicated installations in your home or garage, there's an evolution in convenience and power. But what about charging on the road? What about fleets of EVs that need rapid replenishment to stay mission-ready?

Enter DC fast charging, the backbone of EV charging infrastructure that aligns with the military's need for swift and strategic movement. These chargers provide the energy necessary for your fleet to continue its mission – all while minimizing downtime and maximizing readiness.

Innovation Meets Efficiency: The ModEV Charger

Amid this evolution, CoverSix has tailored a solution that can meet the military's dynamic demands: the ModEV charger. It’s a container-based unit, capable of charging multiple EVs simultaneously, delivering 150 kW of power to each. This innovation, backed by a battery buffer system, streamlines the process with rapid deployment and integration, ensuring your fleet stays charged and ready to roll.

Since it is modular in nature, all work is completed before it leaves the factory, which means that once it’s delivered and connected, it’s ready to operate in a day. Potential sites for the charging stations have far less prep work to put the charging station in place. The units can be placed on existing concrete or other level surfaces, keeping in mind an area to accommodate a 20' container and traffic flow. ModEV could be installed on any military base, and practically anywhere the military has a presence.

And the potential? Endless. Think of the service you provide, the operations you run, and the strategic locations that could benefit from a ModEV charging station. This isn't just a technological leap; it's a strategic maneuver that positions you at the forefront of military modernization.

ModEV Charging Stations - Seizing the Opportunity

In this era of transformation, the military's dedication to progress aligns seamlessly with the challenges and opportunities of EV adoption. Whether you're a commanding officer considering the logistical implications or an entrepreneur envisioning new avenues, the convergence of military might and electric mobility is where innovation thrives.

Envision how your military operations could thrive in this new electric era. From the Pentagon's mandate to your individual mission, electrification isn't just a transition – it's a strategic evolution that fortifies our readiness and resilience.

Ready to lead the charge? Discover the power of the ModEV charger and explore the limitless possibilities it brings to your military operations. To find out more, download our informational pdf about the ModEV charging stations