The environment you live and work in is unique with its own set of individual characteristics and threats. To help improve the safety of that environment for both yourself and those around you, it is important that the structures you use on a daily basis are built to withstand the unique threats facing you.

That said, sometimes just knowing what you need—and understanding all of the related terminology—can have you running in circles. As one of the world leaders in the development and production of hardened and robust buildings, CoverSix Shelters is here to help you make heads or tails of the information so that you can make the best, most well-informed decision to meet your specific needs.

What is a hardened building?

First of all, the term “hardened building” can mean a lot of different things. A hardened building can be resistant to blasts or explosions, ballistic threats, rocket or mortar fire, forced entry, or it can protect occupants from harmful contaminants (including those released to the aftermath of a nuclear strike). 

What makes a building hardened depends entirely upon the threats it is to provide protection from, often involving a system-wide approach to its construction—consisting of specific materials, components, and specialized engineering.

Some common hardened modular buildings include:

  • Command centers
  • Debriefing rooms
  • Security offices
  • Communication shelters
  • Guard shacks
  • Viewing bunkers
  • Control rooms
  • Embassy/consulate facilities
  • Living accommodations
  • Medical field offices
  • Emergency management 
  • Shooting ranges
  • Storm shelters
  • Restrooms
  • Kitchenettes

Why choose a modular hardened building?

When it comes to selecting a hardened building, you have choices. Two of those choices are—a traditional, stick-built building or a modular building. 

At CoverSix, we only produce modular buildings and we believe that modular is both the most efficient and flexible option available, for the following reasons:

1. Modular buildings are completely mobile

While traditional buildings are permanent structures, modular buildings are built with the ability to move locations—allowing you to easily adapt whenever your needs or site changes without losing your investment.

2. Modular buildings can be approved in a fraction of the time

Being mobile means that modular buildings are classified as “equipment” by the U.S. military, allowing them to be financed through operations and maintenance appropriations—sidestepping what is often a five- to seven-year MILCON (The Department of Defense’s military construction arm) approval process.

3. Modular buildings are easily modified

Need to expand or reconfigure? No problem. Modular buildings are specifically designed to be scalable—offering you the most flexibility possible. 

4. Modular buildings are built offsite

Because they’re mobile, modular buildings can be manufactured completely off-site and transferred to the worksite once complete—avoiding timely and disruptive processes like:

  • Site preparation/grading
  • Framing
  • Construction
  • Installation of interior elements like cabinets, flooring and workspaces
  • Finishing electrical, plumbing, and HVAC

And with skilled labor only needing to be on-site for the installation, the process is much safer than having the entire construction done on-site.

What to look for in a hardened modular building

Before you start to search for a modular hardened building, it is critical that you identify your primary threats. With every site and every customer having different needs, there is never a “one size fits all” when it comes to hardened buildings. It is important that you find a manufacturer that will sit down with you and design a building specifically for you, one that will protect against a threat’s acceptable probability of occurrence. Doing so will not only ensure that you get a final product that meets your needs but will guard against throwing money away on features and protection that are ultimately unnecessary.

Lastly, make sure that the claims surrounding the product you choose are backed up by science. At CoverSix, we have a long track record of successful, real-world tests that we use to model future scenarios that get used in our designs. Whoever you end up working with should offer the same assurance.  

The final case for modular hardened buildings

To ensure the highest level of security for yourself and your personnel, it is extremely important that the facilities you spend your time in are built to protect you from your greatest threats, whether that threat is ballistic, explosive or human. Hardened modular buildings are a great option to provide you with site-specific protection that is mobile, modifiable, and time-efficient. 

To learn more about the options available to you at CoverSix, and start the process of designing your unique facility, contact us today.