If you’re looking to add a new hardened and robust building to your site, a lot of factors can come into play. Above all, you want to make sure that your new structure is both safe and meets all regulatory requirements.

With nearly 20 years of experience in modular building construction, CoverSix and its parent company RedGuard, have an intimate understanding of the process all manufacturers must follow to ensure compliance. An important step in the process is maintaining ongoing communication with the local authority having jurisdiction (LAHJ) for each aspect of construction. Doing so will not only ensure compliance and safety, it will avoid potentially long and costly delays down the line.

What exactly does “Local Authority Having Jurisdiction” mean?

In short, “local authority having jurisdiction” refers to an organization, office or individual responsible for enforcing the requirements of codes, standards, equipment, materials, installations or procedures. The LAHJ could be a part of local, state, regional or federal government.

Some examples of a local authority having jurisdiction include:

  • The state fire marshal
  • A local electrical inspector
  • The local permit department
  • The department of labor
  • The department of health
  • OSHA

Why it’s important that your manufacturer knows the LAHJ in your state

Every construction process is different and some states have stricter guidelines than others, therefore, it’s important that the manufacturer of your modular building knows exactly who your respective LAHJs are and understands all local building guidelines.

Some considerations your manufacturer should be aware of could include things like the need for additional fire alarms or sprinklers, necessary plumbing fixtures or electrical finishes, or any equipment needed to improve air quality.

Once a manufacturer feels that all appropriate procedures have been followed, it is important that they set up third-party reviews conducted by an approved inspector to ensure compliance. Failing to do so could come back to bite you, in terms of wasted time and money. 

LHJ - local authority having jurisdictionMoving On

Local authorities having jurisdiction play an important role in the construction of a safe and reliable hardened and robust modular building. To ensure that your next structure meets all local requirements, choose a manufacturer who understands the importance and works hand-in-hand with all local, state and federal regulation authorities.

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