Looking for a simple and efficient way to control access to your site while providing an extra layer of security? 

A turnstile module may be the solution.

At CoverSix Shelters, we are experts in how to keep people—and property—safe. And when it comes to the throughput of a worksite, we’ve found that turnstile modules are a great way to keep the wrong people out while letting the right people in as safely and orderly as possible. 

Not only do turnstile modules deter trespassing and piggybacking—preventing potential accidents and theft—these modules provide a company’s management and HR teams with a way of monitoring the time employees and independent contractors are on the job to ensure accurate payroll records.

If you’re new to the concept of turnstile modules, or are unsure whether or not they are right for you, we’ve compiled the following information to help you make the most informed decision possible. 

Types of turnstile modules available

There are two types of turnstile modules on the market—prefabricated containerized modules and scratch-built modules.

Prefabricated modules are built utilizing existing shipping containers which are then modified to contain a variety of features including entry turnstiles. These modules are often the least expensive option available and most can either be rented or purchased. While cost is the main selling point for this type of module, the downside is that manufacturers of these units are limited in what they can produce by the dimensions and overall flexibility of the shipping container itself. In addition, these modules–which often feature wood floors—have limited lifespans.

Scratch-built modules, which is what we produce at CoverSix, are just that, scratch built. These modules feature an all-steel construction built upon a welded-steel frame and are also available for rent or purchase. Since scratch-built modules are not limited by the perimeters of a shipping container, these structures offer virtually unlimited adaptability and available features. Most commonly, the modules we build are designed to incorporate a guard shack, but ultimately the final configuration is completely up to the customer. The downside of these modules is twofold. First, they are usually more expensive than those built from shipping containers and second, they take longer to produce. That said, they do last longer and offer the ability to provide the customer with exactly what they want and need.

Common features of turnstile modules

Obviously, the primary feature of these modules are the turnstiles themselves. As opposed to the waist-high turnstiles you may have come across in subway stations and stadiums, the turnstiles used in these modules are almost always full-height (six to seven feet tall) and are sometimes referred to as “door turnstiles.” However, a variety of other options are available, including hands-free, optical turnstiles which eliminate the need for personal contact to cut down on the transmission of viruses among employees and contractors. Ultimately what type of turnstile used is up to the customer and their individual needs.

Going hand-in-hand with the turnstiles is an access control system which scans an individual’s credentials and “unlocks” the turnstile once their identity is verified. Most manufacturers of turnstile modules should be able to work with a company’s existing access control system (if they already have one) to eliminate the need for individual employees to have multiple identification cards.

However, just because someone has a valid identification card doesn’t mean it belongs to them. To ensure that people are who they say they are, CoverSix also offers the option of video monitoring to provide yet another level of security and provide visual verification if concerns arise.

The advantages of going modular

As with all protective modular buildings, a big advantage in going with a modular turnstile building is its flexibility. Since these buildings offer virtually unlimited scalability they can easily be expanded or condensed to meet the changing needs of a site. 

Going to have an influx of an extra 300-500 employees and contractors during a turnaround at a refinery or a maintenance project? 

No problem.

Extra turnstiles can be added or taken away at any time.

In addition, modular turnstile buildings can easily be tied into other modular buildings to offer office space, restrooms, break rooms, guard shacks or anything else you can imagine. And again, as your needs change, so can the structure of the overall building—all without losing any of your initial investment.

Final thoughts

Turnstile modules offer worksites and organizations of all shapes and sizes security, efficiency and the virtually unlimited scalability of modular builds. To read more about the part these buildings can play in a turnaround at an oil or gas refinery, click on the link below. Or, if you would like to learn more about the turnstile modules—or any other hardened or robust building—CoverSix has to offer, contact us today.