CoverSix-SAME-2022-01Each year, sometimes a few times a year, our CoverSix team packs things up and heads out to attend a SAME Conference. It's always a great time to connect. SAME is, of course, the Society of American Military Engineers, and this week is "Capital Week," or if you're following along on social media, #SAMECapWeek2022, taking place as I write this from March 21-23, 2022. 

CoverSix, as a sponsor, is happy to connect with SAME members and hear from the DoD about projections for the upcoming year and from various other federal agencies. This year, with the announcement that MILCON spending will double, and that there is a focus on strengthening capabilities, we have a few blog posts we wanted to bring up, since we've written on this topic before. 

CoverSix-SAME-Conference1. Getting the Right Protection with Modular Buildings

Let's dive into the world of modular buildings and find out how they are used in "hardened" capacities. We'll look at the benefits, when modular makes sense, and what to look for. 

2. A Modular Construction Case Study

This case study of a project at Nellis Air Force Base provides a great example of modular construction done right. We'll give a little background on the project and its challenges and then delve into the modular solution that fit the bill. (Including how they were able to speed up what would normally be a long MILCON process.) 

3. DoD Appropriations and the Color of Money

The Color of Money is not just the name of a classic 80s movie. When we mention speeding up the MILCON process above, using a different color of money is the way it's done.  The term refers to the concept of not agreeing to do business with someone until they've proven they can pay for it. And with the DoD, there are different "colors" of money. In this post, we'll talk about the categories for appropriations and how we might be able to help you get what you need faster! 

4. How We Turned the Shooting Range Market Sideways

We would be doing a disservice if we brought up modular projects but didn't bring up modular and containerized shooting ranges. In this post, we'll talk about the benefits and limitations, and a new concept in modular that has allowed military applications of indoor small arms firing ranges, without needing to have any exceptions granted for size limitations. 

5. Case Study: Custom Hardened Modular Shooting Range

And, lastly, we'll look at one more use case, this time for a custom modular shooting range, specially built for the US Navy. We'll review how it was customized, and all the reasons they went modular, from the off-site build, easy installation, and the range's rugged durability. We fit the bill. 

Whether you're reading this from #SAMECapWeek2022, or well after the conference is over, we hope you'll take the time to catch up. If you have a project in mind, it's never to early to start talking to our CoverSix team, or take a look at our project gallery

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