The road to success often means doing what’s never been done before. 

The key to making your idea a reality is choosing the right partner. When you have a specific design for a modular building, it makes sense to partner with a proven industry leader—an innovative, design-first manufacturer who starts from scratch, rather than just converting existing shipping containers.

CoverSix, which is a division of RedGuard, has the industry experience to lead the way. 

Here’s a recent example.

The U.S. Navy has ongoing missions in many remote areas. It’s vital that their shooting skills stay sharp. The Navy needed a shooting range able to meet their demanding specs and the challenges of one specific remote location. They imagined a brand-new configuration. They had to find a manufacturer capable of building what the world hadn’t seen before.

It’s no surprise that they selected an ARCAS EXT Range by CoverSix/Action Target. CoverSix, a leading producer of hardened and robust facilities for the defense and security industries, and its partner Action Target, Inc, a leader in shooting ranges.

There are many advantages to having a leading-edge, hardened modular shooting range built by CoverSix and Action Target.

100% Customizable— No Problem

For this shooting range project, the Navy had a specific site in mind, and a specific size—one not available as ready-to-order. Their build is 120’ long x 12’ wide. That equals three full-size firing lanes, side-by-side, column-free—a wide-open interior that allows for full-cover drills. Only a skilled manufacturer could build this “never-before-seen” configuration.

Installation Made Easy

CoverSix modular buildings are typically built off-site in six to nine months and delivered turnkey-ready. But their site is remote, rugged terrain. Mostly mountains. Few roads. For easier transport, this shooting range arrived in just a few modules, and was quickly installed. 

With a site so far off the beaten path, the installation had to be simple and straight-forward.

Mobile Means Convenience

Being mobile means that the structure can be moved to different locations when the environment or the mission changes. It also means that the U.S. military classifies the building as “equipment.” This project could be financed via operations and maintenance appropriations and sidestep the usual five- to seven-year MILCON approval slog.

More Durable Than Brick-And-Mortar

The area they were working with has a lot of volcanoes. Any man-made structure has to withstand the relentless pounding of earthquakes and seismic activity. Plus, the relentless heat and humidity of the area aren’t kind to any build. 

CoverSix modular hardened buildings are built on solid steel frames. The structures are higher in quality and more durable than traditional brick-and-mortar. They’re made to last.

Safety Is a Priority

As a company rooted in safety, engrained in all we do, we know that safety is a priority for our customers. The shooting range they selected trains those who neutralize threats, without being a threat itself. It is equipped with an AR500 ballistic steel envelope. These elements equal 100% ballistic containment, from the inside out. Nothing–sized 9mm up to .50 caliber–should ever escape its walls. 

An Equally-Impressive Bullet Trap

A first-rate range demands an equally capable bullet trap. Ricocheting is not an option. This specific build features a steel deceleration bullet trap–from Action Target.

The trap reliably receives bullets in all training calibers, under all conditions. Millions of handgun, shotgun, and rifle rounds can be collected and stored with no problem. No water or rubber is needed. Plus, there’s no downtime, so training never has to hit the pause button.

Clean, Inside and Out

In this shooting range configuration, all rounds, fragments, and dust are gathered and safely removed. There are no negative impact to the ground, waterways, or air. This system doesn’t just comply with U.S. Federal regulations, it exceeds them. The bullet trap performance is so outstanding, its design is patented.

The facility also has a contained, high-end ventilation and an HVAC system that meets all U.S. Federal regulations. It’s equipped with HEPA filtration to capture 99.95% of all airborne contaminants.

Challenge Met.

Training military personnel at the highest level requires resources that are up to the challenge. A recent contract from the U.S. Navy called for a hardened modular shooting range featuring a unique configuration. It had to be easy to install, durable, and safe, inside and out.

The contract was awarded to an industry leading team with the skills and experience necessary for a successful build. To find out more about ARCAS Ranges, or CoverSix and its capabilities, visit the project gallery