CoverSix is where government and security agencies go for hardened modular structures. When we saw an industry need for modular firing ranges, where did we turn for the world’s best targets and technology?

Say hello to Action Target, the industry leader in modern target technology. 

The ARCAS series of modular small arms shooting range is an exclusive collaboration between CoverSix and Action Target. These buildings deliver the flexible, top-end shooting experiences you can’t find anywhere else. 

A modular shooting range in three configurations to meet a variety of needs


ARCAS MBL is a self-contained training range made for easy transport on the open road. At 53 feet long, this module complies with U.S. Department of Transportation regulations, while maintaining the strictest ballistic and environmental standards.


ARCAS EXT is designed for versatility. These single and extended-module configurations can easily create a range up to three lanes wide and 100 meters long.


ARCAS DLX provides a truly tactical training environment with a sideways layout for more space and fewer modules. Each module is 12 feet wide and up to 62 feet long. The ARCAS DLX’s unique design eliminates the need for vertical columns, so lanes are wider, and ceilings are higher. DLX can accommodate up to 14 lanes of uninterrupted shooting space. 

Choose Your Target Tech

Now for the really good part. When it comes to targets, your CoverSix ARCAS range has lots of options. Because the technology and structures are made to work together, you can install any type of target or combination of targets.

Choose from:

  • Target Retrievers
  • Running Man Targets
  • AutoTargets™
  • Turning Targets

Target Retrievers

ARCAS ranges can be outfitted with one of three target retriever models. Some feature wireless technology and dynamic target presentation, all of them have user-friendly interfaces.

  1. SRET™ works well for ranges on a tight budget. Simple and easy-to-use, the base model is available with a toggle switch or an optional keypad to control shooting distance.
  2. PILOT™ satisfies the need for a robust wireless retriever with simple out and back functionality. Target lighting and an integrated camera enhance the shooting experience.
  3. GENESIS™ is the most advanced target retriever on the market. Smart and connected, Genesis gives you the power to manage and engage shooters, maintain your investment, and streamline operations like never before.

Target Retriever Features

Some ARCAS Target Retriever model comes with one or more of these select features. If you’re unsure which retriever to choose, we can steer you to the best-suited model for your mission, or you can compare the target retrievers.

Here are just a few of the features you may want in a target retriever:

    Patent-pending positioning technology guarantees accurate positioning and monitors movement from a shot.
    Connect to the Action Target Cloud for easy, seamless, and quick content updates, troubleshooting, and customer support.
    Seamless integration into a central range control system lets you control targets and customize courses of fire. The Genesis retriever integrates with SmartRange Axis™ for tight lane management, like time limits, permissions, and the ability to run programs in sync across multiple lanes.
    Solid ballistic design can withstand the harsh conditions of an indoor range.
    • Armored: The front deflector plate utilizes 3/8" AR500 steel with a carefully engineered angle to deflect both rifle and handgun bullet impacts.
    • Reinforced Side Impact Plates: The carrier’s sides and back can be covered with 11-gauge steel to deflect side impacts and prevent splatter damage.
    • No Exposed Parts: A recessed clamp prevents damage from bullet strikes, reducing wear, and maintenance.
    • 360° Turning: Dynamic target behavior includes spinning, teasing, and random edging.
    • One-Hand Operation: The clamp releases easily with the press of one hand, and automatically closes when a new backer is inserted.
    • Specially Designed Backer: Economic two-part backer eliminates the need for a metal downrigger while enhancing the shooting experience.
    A local control screen displays the target. See where you’re shooting in real-time, instead of having to bring the carrier back home.
    Every ARCAS target retriever interface is easy-to-use.
    • Genesis is specifically designed for intuitive navigation. An intro tutorial video plays each time a session starts.
    • SRET has the easiest to operate interface available. Simply flip a toggle switch to send a target out and back. An optional keypad can display accurate target distances.
    Built-in target and booth lights create the perfect training atmosphere. Dimmable white lights, plus red, white, and blue strobes, are versatile for any use.
    • Smart Range Lighting available with Genesis
    • Accent Lighting: Allows you to select an accent light color for normal operation.
    • Assistance Lighting: Lights strobe blue when a shooter needs assistance.
    • Strike Watch™ Alert: When the carrier is shot, lights strobe red. 
    • Ballistic: Constructed of heavy-duty 11-gauge steel to resist damage from errant shots.
    • Safe: Flat-bottom design prevents ricochets from leaving the range by directing all rounds towards the bullet trap.
    • Modular: Interchangeable 6' sections are easy to install and service.
    • Dynamic 360° turning, pre-programmed drills, and games challenge any shooter.
    • Genesis features preloaded games and training drills developed by leading firearms trainers.
    • Proficiency-based: Beginner, intermediate, advanced, and pro levels challenge any shooter.
    • Skill-based: Self-guided training includes self-defense, essential skill-building, and firearm control programs.
    • Integrated Targets: Targets specific to your mission can be integrated into games and trainings for a custom experience.
    • User-created Programs: An easy setup tool allows you to create dynamic multi-step programs on the fly.
    Carriers can move up to 15 feet per second.
    Imagine a target retriever that can monitor equipment for bullet strikes, alert staff, and can disable the lane automatically!
    Genesis incorporates advanced technology and design:
    • Errant Shot Detection: Patent-pending technology can detect when the carrier is shot and automatically protect itself by edging and warning of the errant shots.
    • Customizable Protection Protocol: After subsequent shots on the carrier, the session is automatically terminated, and the target returns home.
    • Staff Notification: Lighting cues staff that equipment is being shot.
    • SmartRange Axis™ Notifications: A control screen alerts when a session has ended. Staff can reinstate or revoke lane time.
    An integrated 360-degree turning clamp physically exposes and conceals targets. The timing and unpredictability challenges shooters of every level.
    No need for mechanical cables or bus bars that can break down and suffer damage.

Running Man Targets

How often do the bad guys stand motionless? Training with moving targets is critical for simulating real-world encounters.

With options for overhead, wall, or ground mounting, ARCAS running man targets can be customized for your space and budget. ARCAS technology easily integrates with other target systems and range master control. 

Dual Running Man Pro™ (DRM PRO) is the most powerful and feature-rich running man system ever designed. It boasts 3HP motors, ultra-wear-resistant pulleys, speeds up to 20 fps, realistic acceleration, and an easy-to-use control interface for use on tablets and mobile phones. You can program this versatile system to create nearly any training scenario. Its high-res encoders are precise within 1 mm, for target accuracy within six inches. The trolley position continuously auto-calibrates as it runs.

Track Runner™ uses targets mounted to a trolley that runs on the ground, overhead, or even on the wall. The trolley’s wrap-around design and multiple urethane wheels provide ultra-smooth and quiet motion. Because the target can move to different locations, change speed and direction, and dart in and out of cover, this approach is ideal for tactical applications. 


AutoTargets connected system lets shooters interact with targets like never before. Built-in Wi-Fi creates a wireless network of targets in any configuration, at any distance. Revolutionary hit-sensing technology gives instant feedback of shot accuracy at any distance, in up to four scoring zones. 

AutoTargets weigh only 15 pounds and function with just a battery and CO2 tank. Targets lift and fall in less than 0.50 seconds and can be actuated 1000 times with one 20-ounce CO2 tank. A swing-up version makes targets swing in and out of view, keeping shooters on their toes.

From ballistic protection to Wi-Fi antennas, optional accessories can enhance system performance even more.

Turning Targets

High-speed, independently-controlled turning target systems are available in several configurations. With wireless controls, your instructors can even direct training from the firing line. 

Just a few features you can find from turning targets:

  • FIXED LATERAL 360° - Reposition targets laterally along a fixed rail without any tools. Simply unlock and slide the target left or right. Use with the Dual Running Man system to simulate real-world scenarios with bystanders and perpetrators.
  • 360° TURNING - Targets can turn 90, 180, and even 360-degrees in the blink of an eye.
  • QUIET -  Electric motors prevent shooters from anticipating movement.
  • BALLISTIC - Exposed down-rigger is built using AR500 steel to resist damage from bullets.
  • MODULAR - Targets are easy to reposition in groups or divided laterally, as needed.
  • INDEPENDENT - Targets may be controlled individually or simultaneously.
  • CONNECTED - Integrates with range control software for more features and functionality.
  • LATERAL REPOSITIONING - With a simple thumbscrew, each target can be positioned laterally along its fixed track.
  • ADVANCED CLAMP - The quick-release clamp makes changing target backers easy. Simply adjust to fit different thicknesses.

Compare all turning targets available on ARCAS modular shooting ranges.


Thanks to an exclusive partnership between Action Target and CoverSix, ARCAS modular shooting ranges can provide users in virtually every conceivable situation with all of the flexibility, versatility, and dependability they could ever want in a modular shooting range.

Combining the strength of CoverSix’s robust, hardened structures with the unlimited features and technology provided by Action Target, ARCAS is a game-changer in the industry of modular shooting ranges.

To learn more, or begin designing your range, contact us today.