CoverSix Shelters is a division of RedGuard that provides hardened, modular buildings in the military and security field for mission-specific requirements. Shooting range facilities are one of the newest offering for CoverSix Shelters.

ShootingRangeGraphic-01-1There are many reasons to consider a modular approach to constructing your next small arms range. Some agencies want the speed and expediency of modular construction. Others need a temporary, relocatable range, using Operations and Maintenance (O&M) funding and avoid the delays of military construction, or MILCON. Others still are curious about the quality improvements and cost savings of going modular.

Whatever your reason for wanting a modular solution, you need to equip yourself with an understanding of the differences between Modular Container Shooting Ranges and Modular Building Shooting Ranges. 

Containerized Ranges are built using modified shipping containers. These shipping containers have often made at least one trip across the ocean carrying cargo and are then resold in the commercial marketplace. The containers are purchased in good condition and then modified inside of a factory setting to provide the structural building envelope of the modular range building. Each section of the containerized range can be shipped as an ISO container which meets all requirements for over-the-road and ocean bearing freight. Once reassembled at the project site, the containerized range buildings provide full ballistic containment and are equipped with the latest in shooting stalls, targetry systems, and bullet traps. 

Containerized Ranges are perfect for a quick and easy range application but have some limitations.

Since these facilities are built using existing shipping containers, they are limited in their dimensions with each section measuring 8’ x 40’ x 9.5’. These preset dimensions often limit the customization available to the end-user and require exceptions to be granted as the containerized ranges will not meet the requirements of U.S. Air Force Facilities Criteria (FC) 4-179-03F for Indoor Small Arms Firing Ranges. This spec requires shooting lanes to be a minimum of 5’ wide but container ranges are limited to 4’ lane widths. It also restricts the interior ceiling height of the range to approximately 8’, far less than the 10’ required by the specification. 

Modular Ranges can be designed to meet more requirements and specifications. 

Modular ranges are now available which can meet the requirements of FC 4-179-03F. These Modular Ranges are built with 5’ wide shooting lanes, 10’ high ceilings, and meet International Building Code (IBC) standards which govern things like R-value, structural design and installation requirements for building systems. Unlike containerized ranges, Modular Ranges are scratch built from the ground up using high-grade steel. These buildings are fabricated specifically for each project and can be built wider (up to 13’), longer (up to 70’), and taller (up to 13’). This allows for the modular range to be built to the highest quality standards while meeting the requirements of IBC and U.S. Air Force Facilities Criteria.

Additionally, a Modular Range can provide the user with all the amenities of a traditional traditionally constructed range such as providing a tactical environment with no columns or obstructions downrange allowing for more advanced training scenarios. 

Modular Ranges are perfect for providing the user with a traditional shooting range but in a modular format. These ranges combine all the budgetary, schedule, quality benefits of modular construction with all the amenities and durability of traditional construction. Modular Ranges are fabricated in a factory setting, tested, and then transported to the site. Due the larger size of each module, the shipment of an individual section can be more expensive than shipping a containerized range section. However, the same size Modular Range can be delivered using less buildings than a Containerized Range which ultimately cuts down on transportation and onsite assembly costs. Once reassembled at the project site, the Modular Range provides full ballistic containment and is equipped with the latest in shooting stalls, targetry systems, and bullet traps providing the end user with a fully compliant training center.

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